GCBAA Certification Program

List of Certified Builders

List of Certified Renovation Builders

The purpose of the Certification Program is to identify competent and experienced golf course builders and ensure uniform quality standards in the industry. To be eligible for certification, a company must meet the following requirements:

Certification is designed to be an ongoing process. Companies are re-certified every year, and the list of Certified Golf Course Builders is updated annually.

Neither the GCBAA certification or recertification procedure is intended nor should it be interpreted as verification or financial analysis of any member's financial capability.

To apply for certification, a company must submit an application and secure the necessary letters of reference and supporting documentation. A company representative will only be permitted to sit for the test once the application is complete.

The Certification Exam is two hours long and consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering various topics related to golf course construction. Examination topics include golf course design and layout, clearing, earth-moving, finish grading, drainage, green construction, bunker construction, irrigation, fertilization, seeding, soil structure, environmental regulations, building structures, cart paths, and grow-in.

Study Guide

Request for Upgrade Application

Continuing Education Program - *New* - July 2010

Created in 2010, the GCBAA Board of Directors and GCBAA Board of Governors have created a requirement for Certified Builders to maintain Continuing Education Training.  In addition to maintaining the original certification for the company, each company must designate one of their employees to maintain continuing education credits.  The employee must be a job superintendent or higher in the company which they are representing.  Companies may have alternates, but the alternate's hours will not be applied as to meeting the minimum continuing education requirement.  Individuals must maintain 18 hours of credit during a two year period.  All education programs must be approved on an individual basis, but acceptable forms will likely include: golf schools, clinics, forums, lectures, courses of study, educational seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions and short courses. Industry opportunities include courses approved for the annual Golf Industry Show, local GCSAA Chapter Meetings, company quality improvement courses and the GCBAA annual meetings.  A complete list of approved trainings will be available on the GCBAA Calendar of EventsForm A-1 Below 

In addition to Certified Builders applying for recertification each year as currently required, they must also submit the continuing education credits earned by their qualifier.

Continuing Education credits must be approved by the GCBAA Board of Governors.  For a course to be approved, individuals submit application to the GCBAA office for consideration by the Board.  The board will approve or deny applications and will assign the amount of credit to be given for each course.  Included with the application will be a syllabus of instruction, biography of the presenter, proof of attendance, and other information requested by the board.  The Board will take into consideration the content of the course's instruction which must focus on one of the following platforms:  administrative and personal development; operations, including building maintenance and renovation, environmental and land use; and irrigation and water use.  Form A-2 Below

It is the responsibility of the Certified Builder to maintain an attendance record at continuing education programs and verify with the Certified Board that the program will be accepted for credit.  Form A-3 Below


Applications - Download Forms

  Word Document  File Format PDF File Format
Program Guide
(Program Guidelines adopted to original Certification Program)
Application for Individual Qualifier or Alternate - Form A-1
(Application used to name company qualifier, alternate, and others)
IndividualApplicationForm.wpd IndividualApplicationForm.pdf
Application for Program Approval - Form A-2
(Application used to request course & credit approval pre/post)
ApplicationContinuingEducationProgram.wpd ApplicationContinuingEducationProgram.pdf
Application for Completion Continuing Education Prog - Form A-3
(Application used annually by qualifier and for all renewals)
ApplicationCompletionContinuingEducationProgram.wpd ApplicationCompletionContinuingEducationProgram.pdf

Contact the GCBAA Office with any questions or to be mailed hard copies of the applications.  (402) 476-4444 information@gcbaa.org